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About us

   „BEST” is the synonim of products and services which ensure work safety.
   Since 1990 we have been distributing working clothes, safety equipment and fire protecting equipment. We are professionals You can entrust Your safety with.

        Our main activities are:

  • safety clothes manufacturing,
  • safety equipment and fire protecting equipment distribution,
  • safety clothes and safety equipment import,
  • fire protecting equipment service,
  • screen printing service,
  • working clothes rental.
        Together with our subsidiaries and representatives we are one of the biggest distributors of safety equipment in Poland.
We offer wide range of products and services to exactly fit Your needs.
        The history of „BEST” limited partnership started in December 1990 when its predecessor was registered in municipal business activity registry in Zielona Góra as sole proprietorship of Eugeniusz Garbera.
        In 1993 sole proprietorship was transferred in to limited partnership with four shareholders.
        In 2001 sole proprietorship was registered in National business registry.
On the beginning there were four share holders in the company.
Currently the main share holder is Eugeniusz Garbera. Andrzej Kurpiel and Filip Klinowski are minority share holders.
Basic company documents are:
  • Limited partnership agreement 29.03.2001,
  • National Court Registry entry No KRS 0000005659 from 02.04.2001.
        From the very beginning BEST main field of activities was distribution of safety clothes and equipment. In 1993 we started distribution of fire equipment as well. After five years we managed to open manufacturing plant and in the end of 1999 screen printing service was initiated. It put us in the position of working clothes manufacturer together with own screen printing plant.
        In January 2002 fire protecting equipment service was opened. The main field of its activity is the maintenance of fire-fighting equipment. Parallel to the widening of its activity, Best started the territorial expansion. First branch was opened in 1992 in Jelenia Gora. Than there was : Głogów (1993 ), Piła (2000), Świdnica (2002 ) Gorzów Wielkopolski (2003), Poznan (2007) and finally Wroclaw (2009). Besides the branches there is a net of representatives in below listed cities: Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Świebodzin, Wolsztyn, Szczecin, Legnica, Czarnkow, Strzelce Krajenskie, Kostrzyn n/O., Trzcianka, Bydgoszcz, Sulechow, Warszawa and Zamosc.
Since 2005 the import department was created.
Our intention is to become an important player on the polish wholesaler market.

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